BA4137 Entrepreneurship applications for Non-BA students

A limited number of non-Business major students will be allowed to enroll in BA4137/5137 Entrepreneurship course this semester (Fall 2016).

BA4137/5137 Entrepreneurship course will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 16:15-17:30. Course information and syllabus can be found at

20 seats have been set aside for entrepreneurial non-Business students from METU. The students may be 3rd or 4th year Undergraduate students, as well as Graduate students. Having an entrepreneurial idea to develop will be a plus. Non-Business students that would like to apply to take the course must fill out this survey by September 26th 15:00. Results will be announced the following day.

We look forward to receiving your applications and seeing you in class and at other Entrepreneurship activities!

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  1. I realized that you tweeted “Still have some spots available…” Are there still available spots for non Business students?
    Thank you!

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