4137 assignments

BA4137 Homework Assignments:

The assignments will be found on this page and you will be required to download them, answer them and bring them to class on time (beginning of class on the due date or as stated). You should also be prepared to explain your results, take a possible quiz on that subject, do any class activities that may be required.


Problems Journal        Every Friday by 17:00
Weekly TED Talk       Every Monday by 17:00
10TL quiz results 09/10/2017 by 18:00 (3 minute class presentation on tuesday)
Elevator Pitch    16/10 at 17:00
Trep Topic Video        choose topic by 16/10, submit by 20/11 at 17:00
Photograph assignment   23/10 at 13:00
Social Media                       23/10 at 14:00
SWOT Analysis                          30/10 at 17:00
Crowdfunding assignment      06/11 at 18:00
udacity course      27/11 at 16:00
Team 100. yıl project presentation 05/12 at 12:00
Entrepreneur Interview    11/12 at 17:00
Individual project idea  13/12 at 19:00
GRADE the Individual project ideas  18/12 at 23:00

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