Interview with the Entrepreneur

Ask permission to take a simple video of the Entrepreneur as s/he introduces her/himself.

~3-5  minute simple youtube type video is just fine. Use your phone, if it takes videos.

The video interview may be in any language (that I understand!). Upload the video to youtube (or other online video service), making sure that it can be watched with the link (unlisted or public setting. NOT private!).

You are also required to submit a written report (via ODTUclass) about the interview (min. 2 pages, 12 font, single spaced).

After uploading the report to ODTUclass, do NOT forget to provide link to the video through this form.

Some sample questions/topics that you might want to ask about:

  • Background, family history, education
  • How and why did they become an entrepreneur
  • Greatest successes
  • Greatest failures (and what they learned)
  • Partners or team
  • Sources of financing they used
  • Product(s)
  • Customer(s)
  • Pricing
  • Suppliers, inventory
  • Production
  • R&D
  • How were they different from their competition
  • Growth
  • Relations with banks
  • Etc.
  • Any parts of the Business Model Canvas you wish to ask about.
    • Value propositions
    • Customer segments
    • Channels
    • Customer relations
    • Key activities
    • Key resources
    • Key partners
    • Revenue streams
    • Cost Structure