February 12, 2004

Worster Album Covers Ever II


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Many thanks to co-conspirator Izzengez, Nick D., and readers Mobius, Antonio S., Antoon H., Nick D., David C., James S., Katharina K., Lisa L., Howard O., Ryan the Snowsuit, Mr. BaliHai, and Todd T.. You are all very disturbed people with horrible taste in albums. Thank you.

And now..... The Worster Album Covers Ever...

Anthology? That's depressing.

Millie is the Queen of Worst Album Covers. The title of this one is "Back to the Sh*t".

And can you believe Amazon lists it?

Yep, Amazon's got this one too.

I hope she washed her hand after the shoot above.

Reader Mobius has a follow-up post on the Bert-like appearance of Mille Jackson elsewhere.

Looks like one facet to me.

I actually kind of liked the track "Do It Roger".

Quick-thinking reader Corina R. has found Jeff for sale on eBay here.

This one proclaims "Satan has been paralyzed."